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Voodoo 3 3500 TV and Windows XP

As most of you know 3dfx was bought out by Nvidia, and Nvidia chose not to update the drivers for the 3dfx line.  Unfortunately XP does not come with drivers that support the TV tuner portion of the Voodoo 3500 card.   Here's how to make your TV tuner work again.


!!!Disclaimer:  It worked for me,  but I take no responsibility if your computer takes a dive!!!


You will get quite a few warning messages about unsigned drivers, and such.   Ignore them all.  Also overwrite all the newer files.  

First make sure you have the latest Windows 2000 Drivers for the 3500 TV card at location A.

Next download this driver v3_hoe_v1.0_winxp.exe.

Run the exe file,  it will extract all the drivers to a place you specify on your hard drive.  This will be location B.

Run "Install.exe" from the location B\drivers\driver2k folder that was created when you ran the above file.  This installs the HOE drivers.

Next run Setup.exe from the location B\drivers  folder that was created by running the above file.  This installs the 3dfx tools.

I reinstalled the drivers again after running Setup.exe by running location B\drivers\driver2k\install.exe,  just to make sure.  

Don't reboot yet.

Now go to your control panel,  then "Add hardware".

Click next, then wait for it to finish searching. 

Click yes I have already connected the hardware,  then click next. 

Then select "Add a new hardware device" from the list and click next. 

Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (advanced)" and then click next.

Highlight "Show all devices", then click next.

Click Have disk,  then point to the location A, or A\driver2k, then click next.   Select 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV.  Then click next.  Ignore all warnings. 

When finished reboot.

When the system reboots,  it will find the TV tuner,  point it to location A again. 

After the drivers have been loaded you can now install Visual Reality.

I derived these instructions from the following page.

Thanks to for his hard work in creating the hoe drivers.

Good Luck.