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Fixing an annoying Photoshop problem.

This tip is a good one.  If you ever have a problem opening a file by double clicking on it this may apply to you.  I am going to use this as an example.  Photoshop will not open, or it will open but will not open the file you double clicked on.  If you set JPG files to be opened by Photoshop, then when you double click on a JPG file it should open in Photoshop.  In my case I would double click on the file, and Photoshop would open but the file would not.  I upgraded to Photoshop 6,  and now when I double click on a JPG file I get a little dialog box saying "could not the file program.exe".  I was about to reload my whole system,  but I thought I would do a little digging around the registry first.  After about 5 minutes of searching for this and that,  I finally found the bad path.  Then I checked other keys to see how they were set up, and noticed most of keys that did similar things had the %1 at the end.  I take it %1 is a variable that is set when you double click on a file.   Anyways, I'm glad I didn't have to reload. 

These tricks should work with the same problem on different files and programs. As always,  use caution when using Regedit, or Regedt32.  I take zero responsibly if this doesn't work for you.  My example is a Windows 2000 machine,  but other versions should be similar.

To fix the first problem,  open up the following key in regedit. 


Double Click on "default" on the right hand pane of regedit.

Make sure there is a %1 after Photoshp.exe.  Be sure there is a space after Photoshp.exe,  I guess I should have clarified that.   Thank you Kenneth Spietz for pointing out the error.

If you get the message "Program.exe could not be found edit the same key as above.  It is likely that the path to the application is wrong.  In my case it was pointing to the Photoshop 5.5 directory,  which no longer existed.